Monday, October 31, 2005

Clemente takes reins at Bilbao

Sid Lowe has this to say about this colorful character:

"And Clemente could be the ideal man. Like a woeful masseuse, he does have a habit of rubbing people up the wrong way, but he will bring organisation and pride back to an Athletic team who had begun to amble disinterestedly. He will certainly provoke a reaction.

And a few giggles. This, after all, is the wind-up merchant and quip-maestro who destroyed a trouble-seeking journalist who had claimed to know what he was talking about because he'd "seen a lot of football". Clemente promptly responded with the observation that "the cows at Lezama [Athletic's countryside training ground] watch football every day and they haven't got a fucking clue." And who, when he was Spain coach, gave an international debut to Atlético Madrid goalkeeper José Molina.

On the left wing.

I love colorful characters.


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