Wednesday, January 11, 2006

In-game ads infiltrate Counter-Strike

In-game advertising provider Engage has managed to net a deal with Subway to get gaming consumers interested in the chain's sandwiches--advertising in "the most popular online action game played amongst men 18 to 34". Gamecloud has managed to confirm the game as Counter-Strike, and the ad campaign reached 31,000 unique gamers in just three weeks.

Engage are lauding this as a success for in-game advertising, so this paves the way for more prevalent forms of advertising to creep into games. While adverts aren't exactly out of place in realistic urban scenarios, having modern-day ads in, say, Halo 2 -- despite its huge following -- could prove to be a great misstep, so advertisers must remember that game popularity isn't necessarily a sign of suitability for advertising.


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