Monday, April 24, 2006

Celebrity Sighting

I saw Wendie Malick today, walking in Hell's Kitchen. I've amassed quite an impressive array of celebrity sightings:

1. Madonna and Guy Ritchie in Old Navy, in Chelsea (2001)
2. Michael Imperioli at Ciel Rouge, in Chelsea (2002)
3. Kirstie Alley in Barneys New York (2002)
4. Sam Waterson (Law & Order) in Staples(!) on 6th avenue (2003)
5. Jason Biggs (of American Pie) in Third and Long, (2003)
6. Craig David (Singer) in Central Park (2004)
7. Liv Tyler in Soho, walking her dog (2005)
8. Robin Williams at Forbidden Planet, off Union Square (2005)
9. Julianne Moore at Magnolia (2006)
10. Wendie Malick (2006)

I can now say I've lived a full life. My grand kids will be regaled with these tales, for many a winter's night.


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