Wednesday, July 19, 2006

How to dress like Uncle Mo

Those of you who have actually met me know that I'm a pretty snazzy dresser. It's not uncommon for heads to turn (men and women) when I make an entrance in, say, a club or a YMCA. The personality has an awful lot to do with it but the threads is the reason why.

To help the upcoming generation be all they can be (from a sartorial sense), I've decided to share some of my secrets. This week's profile is a website called which, as you can probably decipher, is dedicated to retro clothing. If you're hanging out with some friends and you want something that says classy and distinctive and yet hardly trying-to-look-this-good, go for a vintage bowling shirt. Having drinks with the ladies and want to evoke the Rat Pack sophistication? Try one of their classic martini shirts. Mix it up with some plain chinos and a pair of black shoes and you've got yourself a look for the ages. Oh, and there's some stuff for the dolls there, as well.

Next week, I'll help you pick out casual urban wear that doesn't look like you're copying some guy in Williamsburg.


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