Sunday, November 19, 2006

James Dolan, Knick owner/ Blues singer

Anyone else know James Dolan moonlights as a blues singer??? The shocker is he sounds the part! I am completely without speech..

Aside from being the de facto owner of the Knicks, he's also the chairman of Cablevision; which makes him one of the richest men in the world..and one of the worst owners in the NBA. As bad as Isiah Thomas has been as a front-office exec, his track record was a known quantity before he came to New York: underachieved as a coach with the Pacers, bankrupted the CBA, an inability to learn from his mistakes. But despite this knowledge, Dolan kept letting Isiah call the shots -- and now the Knicks are the most expensive laughingstock in sports. Yet, while the club around him burns, Dolan seems content to play the blissfully ignorant emperor, explaining little to his team's fans or the media while steadfastly supporting one of his least productive employees. All this before he boogies off to another gig with his Blues band, JD & the Straight Shot, at some New York dive.


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