Friday, December 08, 2006

'To be honest'

Is there a more trite, meaningless phrase out there? Possibly, 'At the end of the day', but this doozy manages to pack less meaning than even that. I always feel the phrase 'for a change' ought to be said at the end of it, to make the event a bit more momentous. Trim the fat, I say, for leaner, meaner dialogue.


Blogger Amnesiac said...

In the UK conversation is liberally sprinkled with 'basically.' I would not object except that logically 'basically' should mean that the speaker is going to give us a short, punchy condensed version of his thoughts, i.e. the basics.
What inevitably follows is a two hour dirge in suicide-inducing detail on why Jason is an absolute bastard, or Marks and Spencer tights are good quality, or who said what in the Big Brother kitchen.

10:15 AM  

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