Thursday, September 29, 2005

10 genius football players

A prince among players, the world's most complete master. His sheer elegance and outrageous skills make him breathtaking to watch.

Thierry Henri needs no introduction. A student of the game and simply unstopabble. And yet makes it looks simple.

Romario looks like anything but a soccer player but, in his day, he was simply the purest talent on the planet. To this day, he's still the prototype number 10.

Roger Milla scored a goal at the 1994 world the age of 42. Four years earlier, he owned the 1990 tournament with his predatory instincts and immense football intelligence. His celebrations are a thing to behold, as well.

Simply the best ever. In the Michael Jordan mold. He's so good that he's beyond any top ten list (which is why he's number 11).

"Bibo" may not be known much outside of Africa, but he was a genius in every facet of the game. In my opinion, a more complete player than Pele. His only crime? Being born Egyptian.

A force of nature. In my view, the most unstoppable winger in the history of the game. Blessed with blistering pace, uncanny balance, a superb left foot and (this may have been the secret of his genius) an ability to play in full stride..

The Ginger Haired Assassin. The predator supreme. His genius lies in his ability to find space and score technically astounding goals.

The younger Brian Laudrup was a winner: impeccable dribbling, passing genius and a great shot. Very underrated especially when compared to his equally gifted brother, Michael (except Brian helped win the 1992 European Championships, which Michael missed).

Maybe my favorite S. American player. An attacking genius with speed, flair and ruthless efficiency. Go to Uruguay and say 'Enzo'. The natives will drop to their knees and bow.

Slow, over-weight and pretty fucking ugly. And yet genius came out of Matt Le Tissier's feet. Never seen a better striker of the ball and his sense of dramatic timing (last minute, spectacular long distance goals) equalled sheer excitement. Always worth the money.

Of course, it wouldn't mean a thing without the fans (ahem):


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