Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Lost (the writers certainly are)

Now, I admit I watch the show "Lost". It's on my TIVO and the suspense gets to me so much, that I can only watch it recorded, so I can skip through the commercials (not to mention the stupid flashback sequences which, I believe, only exist to justify outlandish plot twists, as the writers come up them). So, I'm contributing to this madness by watching which makes me (shudder) a fan.

Here's what I'm not a fan of: writers who don't know how the story's going to turn out. Who make stuff up as they go along, without a sense of overall purpose. Who deliberately write filler plotlines to keep us engaged for a whole season, while the really interesting questions drag on. Who answer one question by asking five in it's place. Who hint at smarter things going on but never, ever, ever provide a payoff worth...writing about.

It'd be alright if I suspected they knew what was going on on that island, anymore than any of us do...but they genuinely don't. They gives us gimmicks and cheap thrills but never any real developments. It kind of got that way with the "X-Files" with the whole alien conspiracy theory. That's why I never liked the episodes that were solely about that.

"Lost" is lost, boys and girls. All foreplay and no moneyshot. See you after six season when the only ones who'll care are the Trekkies.

UPDATE: Have you seen today's episode (Season 2, episode 2)? The first episode ended with Jack holding a gun at Locke and his subterranean captor. What does the second episode do? It shows the same thing all over again (albeit it from a different perspective) and works it's way toward the same effing climax!

Can you make my own point any better for me, J.J. Abramof???


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