Monday, September 26, 2005

Boyakasha! Wespect to all

Ali G. (played by comedian Sascha Baron Cohen) is the funniest cat in the universe. His audacity and his sheer disregard for all political correctness is a breath of fresh air. Check out this site
for all things Ali and this site to learn how to talk like him.

An Ali G. quote generator is located here and a series of short articles and clips from the show is here.

You didn't think I'd forget about Borat, did you?

Borat is perhaps the most beloved of the Ali G. characters, maybe because he plays him as a clueless idiot with a certain child-like sweetness. Sascha's portrayal of Borat is so funny and outrageous that it prompted the Kazaghastani government to take out a a full page ad in the Herald to inform the public that Borat was a fictional character and not really from Kazaghastan. All I can say to that is: Jagshemash!


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