Friday, October 28, 2005

2000 Dead in Iraq

I got an email from the John Kerry campaign, predicitibaly on the day that the 2,000th US casualty in the Iraqi conflict. The usual impotent Kerry mud-slings were hoisted: Bush is an asshole, we're heading in the wrong direction, why the hell didn't you vote for me in 2004 etc. All over the media, the two camps had obviously prepped themselves for this not insignificant number of American dead. The viciousness and the political grandstanding was, as usual, bleating loudly.

I knew it was all coming. From a marketing standpoint for both parties, it had to be done. And like most marketing efforts, it's crude, obnoxious and insensitive. I wished they could have shown some class, but that's not their way.

I'm a moderate and here's what I think they should have done: nothing. Paid the fallen the respect they deserve and declare this a non-political day. Make no smears, no accusations, no finger-pointing and no agenda-furthering. Just pay respects to the fallen and SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR ONE FRIGGIN' DAY, BOTH OF YOU!


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