Thursday, October 27, 2005

Swoopes comes out (Part deux)

Here's the part I don't like: Sheryl Swoopes comes out Wednesday AND immediately signs a lucrative long-term contract with lesbian cruise line, Olivia. I REALLY really hate to judge anyone but it seems the only reasons anyone does ANYTHING is either attention or money. Swoopes' motives appear no better. That said, in that great American tradition, all it will take is a tearful appearance on Oprah, pictures of her son set to music and a million hugs across America to make everyone view her as some sort of hero. That appears to be the standard price of either redemption or excessive disclosure. Sad.

The woman she's with, (former Comets asst. coach) Alisa Scott is one fugly chick. Swoopes should date me. I mean, I'm a lesbian, too.


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