Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Camel-Jockey Sharif uses racial slurs

I didn't know that "Stupid Mexican" was a racial slur...I mean "Stupid" is an opinion and "Mexican" is a nationality. Maybe it's because the plaintiff is from Guatemala.

I think this guy has a strong case and he should settle for cash plus an apology that reads "Sorry for calling you a stupid Mexican, you stupid Guatemalan".

Los Angeles - Screen legend Omar Sharif was sued on Monday by a US parking attendant who claims the actor committed a hate crime by punching him and hurling racial slurs in an argument over payment, a lawyer said.

Sharif, 75, the star of classic films including 1965's Doctor Zhivago and 1962's Lawrence of Arabia, allegedly flew into a rage after the valet parker at a chic Los Angeles restaurant refused to accept payment in euros instead of in dollars, the attendant's lawyer told AFP.

"Today I filed a lawsuit against Omar Sharif, the actor, who violated the California hate crimes statute by assaulting and battering my client and calling him a 'stupid Mexican'," attorney John Carpenter said.

"He (Sharif) wanted to pay for his valet parking service in euros and my client does not feel he was able to accept a payment in euros," he said of the June 11 incident outside Mastro's restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Guatemalan-born Juan Anderson claims the Egyptian-born Sharif punched him in the side of the head, drawing blood, after the argument over currency and then repeatedly called him a "stupid Mexican."

Sharif, who according to the complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court had been drinking heavily during his $500 dinner with a group of friends, allegedly tried to pay for the parking service with a €20 note.

When Anderson said he could not accept foreign currencies, Sharif allegedly became belligerent. After the valet helped Sharif into his Porsche Cayenne Sports Utility Vehicle, the valet said: "Good night. I'm sorry you talk too much about me," according to the lawsuit.

Sharif then allegedly got out of the car and punched Anderson with a closed fist while shouting "anti-Latino" racial epithets.

Anderson, 48, who ears $6.75 per hour as a valet parker, is seeking $50 000 in civil penalties as well as unspecified punitive damages and damages for Anderson's injuries.

Representatives for Sharif, a legendary gambler and bon viveur who also starred in the hit in the hit 2003 French film Monsieur Ibrahim, could not be reached for comment late on Monday.


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