Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Maxim's Top Five Most 'Whipped' Atheletes

1. Doug and Jackie Christie
When two people develop such a deep and unshakable bond, it's said that they can speak their own language. Jackie Christie, for instance, is fluent in trading hand signals with her husband routinely during games—and shadowing the team bus in her car after games. The vow to love and protect is one Doug takes seriously, especially after Jackie's handbag haymaker during a preseason melee in 2002 kept Rick Fox from teaching Doug the hand signal for internal hemorrhaging.

2. Kris and Anna Benson
Loudmouth stripper-cum-baseball-wife Anna Benson once vowed to become the glory hole of the Mets dugout if Kris ever cheated on her. The middling pitcher finally had a chance to break free of Anna when she filed for divorce last month, but after a peek at her bank account, she almost immediately retracted the motion. To this day, Kris remains married—and the professional athlete most likely to get ratted out by his teammates on a road trip.

3. Nick and Danielle Harper
After five seasons with the Colts, Nick Harper was just another anonymous NFL defensive back. Then, on the eve of Indy's 2006 divisional playoff game against Pittsburgh, his wife stabbed him in the knee. You think fighting through injuries on the playing field is tough? Imagine the balls it takes to wake up next to Danielle Harper every morning without full pads.

4. Antonio and Kendra Davis
If you're wondering why Antonio Davis has never averaged more than 14.5 points per game, it's probably because the power forward has to keep one eye on the ball and the other on his wife. Hotheaded Kendra's antics—including berating the media and making trade demands on her husband's behalf—culminated on January 18, 2006, when Antonio had to leap into the seats to protect a fan from his wife…er, we mean protect his wife from a fan.

5. Kurt and Brenda Warner
Sporting hair like Gozer's—with a personality to match—Brenda's incessant chirping helped turn the NFL's greatest underdog story into a three-team deal's best throw-in option. By repeatedly phoning sports radio talk shows to complain about everything from team doctors to coaching decisions, Brenda hung up on her husband's call from Canton


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