Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Report: Owens attempted suicide

I knew he was depressed; you can't be that obnoxious without having something gnawing at you, inside. Pisses me off.

WFAA-TV in Dallas is reporting that Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens attempted to commit suicide Tuesday night.

According to a Dallas Police report obtained by the station, Owens was depressed and reportedly took prescription pain pills.

WFAA says the report states a woman companion said that she observed Owens putting two pills in his mouth. The woman said the prescription of 40 pills was filled on September 18 and -- until Tuesday -- Owens had taken only five pills. The police report said Owens was asked if he had taken the rest of the prescription; Owens said, "Yes."

The Dallas Cowboys have no comment on the story.


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