Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Klaus Harmony, Komponist für erotische Filme

Klaus Harmony, also known as the Mozart of Porn, was born in Baden in 1941. He was the foremost German composer of erotic film scores in the 1970’s, crafting music for over nine classic movies in just thirteen years. In collaboration with filmmaker and long time friend, Friedrich Wohlfäht, he expanded and thrust the genre beyond its known limits.

Together they created seminal classics such as Elektrische Lippen (1969), Die Sins des Apostles (1972) and The Ladies Man (1977) which made stars of actors, Jürgen Klampf and Lola Schlipp, who was to become his fourth wife. In 1974 Klaus Harmony released an album of instrumental music, Brown on Brown which gained cult status among his fans. Following the death of Wohlfäht in 1981, Harmony continued to write movies scores, eventually retiring in 1982. In 1984 he was killed in an unexplained explosion during a visit to a second-hand music store in London’s east end.

The first volume of Oeuvre, the complete works of Klaus Harmony, is available exclusively to buy at his website. You should also just head there to hear his FANTASTIC compositions, watch the video short promo for his work or simply catch a glimpse of the world, seventies-erotica style. Completely safe for work.


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ha ha thrust the genre.

i like how you're interested in really cool shit.

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