Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Snow Patrol good, Arcade Fire BAD!

I don't rave a lot about Snow Patrol on these pages because, truth be told, they're a little under the radar. I don't even know what the band looks like. This despite the irrefutable brilliance of 'Final Straw'. Buy it, borrow it, steal it, just get it and play it. A lot. The songs will creep under your skin and will satisfy your cravings for the slow and melodic and the fast and the same time! Swear to God. I have no idea how they do it. You can't go wrong with "Run", "How to be Dead", "Chocolate", "Wow" or "Stealing Cars".

On the other hand, if you'd like to experience a fate worse than a lifetime of Chinese water torture, go ahead and illegally download any of Arcade Fire's irredeemably bad albums. I say illegally download as I don't want to chance that these ass clowns will make enough money for their pitiful screechings to be considered a commercial success, hence resulting in more releases. The only release I felt after listening to their faux-contemplative whine-of-an-album, was that of my soul departing my body through my tightly-clenched butt. It was painful. And not good pain, either. Any band that goes on about using new instruments on their follow-up album (a pipe organ, if you can believe that) deserve to be garrotted, professionally and personally. Funeral? I only lament that yours wasn't forthcoming before you chose to subject the world to this dross.


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