Saturday, September 29, 2007

Iguana post #2

This one sent me a rather attractive picture of herself, in black-and-white, looking very moody and somewhat quietl seductive. Oh, and I found the text of the ad and there doesn't seem to be a reference to English sheepdogs. I may have added that detail later and simply got my facts confused or, more likely, I wished I'd added it in to make it even funnier and then recalled it as fact. Either way, I'm a moron!

Hello, I am responding to your ad on craigslist for your apartment sublease. I am VERY interested!

About me:
I am a female photographer and Art Teacher. I am 25 and have lived in New York for 3 years now. I have a cat named Penelope who is as fat and lazy as can be. I would absolutely love to take care of Herman (hopefully he could forgive me for being a girl). I have attached a photo so that you can put a face with the name.

Here's my catch: My Aunt Linda is hoping to move home to New York (from Florida) because her husband passed away and misses family. I told her that she could stay with me for a year so that she could get on her feet. So basically.. I'm asking if its ok if we both live in the apartment.

Hope to hear from you soon!

All the Best,



$1200 / 1br - Beautiful 1BR brownstone on 46th street and 9th Avenue
Reply to:
Date: 2006-04-27, 12:45AM EDT

Kind of a unique situation: I'm moving to Italy for two years to study on a grant, in Rome, and I need someone to rent my apartment while I'm gone. I own it so there are no fees whatsoever. It's a beautiful apartment in a brownstone building, a first floor walk-up with living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. It's 880 square feet, sunny and very, very cosy. In short, it's a dream. I'm 44 year old attorney, originally from Boston looking for someone I can trust with the apartment and..'s the catch (and the reason I'm offering it at this very competitive price): I'm looking for someone who will be able to look after Herman, my 8 year old pet iguana. He's a smashing little fellow but I can't take him with me. All you have to do is feed him and make sure he gets enough water, sun and so forth. He's very quiet and requires very little maintenance. Since his food is mostly lettuce, it won't cost much and since I won't be charging a security deposit, the money you save on that can go to his upkeep. It's a good deal anyway you look at it.

I'd prefer a single guy (Iguanas prefer men), a professional with solid job references. I'll make my decision based on meeting you and if I get a good feeling about how you'll treat Herman (and my apartment), we'll sign the lease on the spot. I'm sure this apartment won't last long so hurry up-but make sure you're up for the responsibility and willing to sign a 2 year lease.


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