Friday, September 30, 2005

My top ten hot women list

I can't help it; these are the women that make me melt.

Carla Gugino: come on, those lips, those eyes...are you kidding me???

Teri Hatcher: don't argue. She's always been hot.

Fergie: The lips, the flat stomach and luuurrve the dance moves.

Vida Guerra: What an ass on her! FHM don't make too many mistakes.

Maria Grazia Cuccinotta: The stature, the figure, the nose...the woman is a goddess.

Monica Belucci: she's like a reverse gorgon. I have to look at her through a mirror so I won't be blinded by her beauty. Also, the only woman I'd seriously consider it, if she asked to lead me on a leash.

Carrie Ann Moss: Ice-queen beauty that I really dig.

Gisele Bundchen: perfect face, perfect body. A true 10...until she opens her mouth.

Juliette Lewis: Reminds me of a bitch that I knew. She knows who she is. Can't deny Juliette is hot, though.

Christina Milian: Smouldering, sensual, seductive. Hot.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Mary Pierce, Jill Hennessey


Blogger Tarek said...

I totally agree with you about Monica Belucci and Jill Hennessey

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