Sunday, August 27, 2006

"An Affair of Love"

That's the name of the subtitled French movie that led to my earlier revelation. "Une Affaire Pornographique" is by Belgian director Frederic Fonteyne and it's excellent. Despite it's name, it's not very racy, simply an examination of the way people fall in love while navigating sex, and have sex while traversing love.

I like seeing human connections in any form and I'm frequently quite moved by it. In a sense (and I appreciate the relative pretentiousness this coming statement), my interest in porn comes from the same place. Sure, getting off is part of it, especially during the barren months, but my favorite porn movies (most were made in the 1970s) are as much about loneliness and exposure as they are about sex.

I loved the hook behind "Une Affaire Pornographique": even though Sergi Lopez and Nathalie Baye got together to fulfill a mutual sexual fantasy, (we're never told what it is) when they end up making simple love, it's so much better and more fulfilling than the act that brought them together in the first place.

I like that thought. It acknowledges our emotional needs without denying our prurient ones.

I just found out Frederic Foneteyne is also responsible for the stunning La Femme De Gilles. Keep your eyes on him!


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