Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Belgariad

When will someone make a movie out of The Belgariad? How good does a fantasy series have to be (better than pompous guff like Lord of the Rings or pedestrian faux-mythology like Eragon) in order to get immortalized on celluloid. I guess it speaks volumes that classics like Watchmen and Belgariad haven't even gotten a second look by studios while fluff like Dark Man and The Shadow are already ten years old.

Still, buy The Belgariad people and read the first book. If you're not hooked, I'll castrate myself. It is devastatingly entertaining. I'll admit, it's not particularly deep or anything and the second Quintology (The Mallorean) is a bore, but it's escapist sword and sorcery fantasy at it's finest. Tolkien, you are an utter bore.


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