Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Stand up if you're funny (Part 2)

Quick, if a comedian breaks up with you, are you living a Greek comedy or tragedy?

I say, comedy, but that's only because I don't believe in tragedy. Everything is funny to someone and you can't argue that schadenfreude is the most effective form of comedy. That's why I love Leslie Thomas so much: he understands this and milks the poignant and the comic out of tragedy with equal effectiveness.

But I digress. Again. Here's the lowdown.

Since A was over last Sunday, I haven't heard a peep from her: emails, text messages, phone calls, forwards....nada. And that's not like her.

Granted, we had a weird session on Sunday (the fact that I'm calling our dates sessions is, I suppose, telling) featuring pacman-like ingestion of various foods (her), inordinate amount of TV watching (her) and various other odd goings on that I didn't bring in to the relationship (which might be what I find endearing about her; she's stranger than I am). Even the sex, while good, was brief and culminated in her convulsing with excitement...only when Little People came on the Learning Channel. Shown up by a midget!

Laugh it up, Cairogal..:)

I think she's uncomfortable around me and not because I've done anything untoward. She's just a nervous person and some people inspire added nerves, in others. It's just the way of things and I'm really okay with that.

I like her but I haven't fallen for her (or anyone else) which makes any kind of break-up...a source of great apathy for me. And since I reconciled myself with my gifts and talents (as well as my cracks and fissures) years ago, my ego has negotiated far worse break-ups with little or no damage. All I care about is making a connection with people so that, when I do, I can determine how little we have in common and proceed to break up with them. If she's pulling the plug, all that means is that the conclusion to our little dalliance has been accelerated.

It's kind of a bummer but since you can't change anyone's mind (and I don't care enough to try), there's no point losing any sleep over it. Plus, she never gave me head once.

I'm sorry, but that's like arriving at a new job and being given an open-plan cubicle.


Blogger Cairogal said...

Who wouldn't rather watch "Little People, Big World" than remain in bed for post-coital cuddles?

Maybe she had the opposite of this:


4:52 PM  
Blogger Basil Fawlty said...

Hmmmm...post-coital tristesse is a distinct possibility. Good call, CG

I, of course, suffer from a cousin of this ailement known as post-striking-out tristesse..

5:08 PM  
Blogger Cairogal said...


11:19 PM  

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